A New Song Collective CDs

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  • A New Song Collective CDs

These are compilations of original songs created by several inspiring, creative and thoughtful artists from everywhere. These songs will lift your spirits and encourage you towards the God who loves you beyond measure!

The first CD is a kids album and the second is a reflective volume targeted for all ages.

Pricing is in Australian Dollars.

Shipping for your entire order will be $5 within Australia, or $10 worldwide.

Artists for A New Song Collective Renew album include the talented Sandra Entermann, Neville Peters, Braedan and Alise Entermann, Candice Berghan, Carly Fletcher, Eric and Monique, Diane Lapuz Hope, Kemy Ogendi, Marty and Tanay Thomson, Michelle Mcllhagga, Rosie Smith and Stones of Eden.